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How Do We Avoid Fast Fashion?

Care for Your Clothes Better
Did you know that the fashion industry has an extremely high carbon footprint? You may not know this, but water consumption and waste have become a huge issue surrounding the fast fashion industries. A pair of jeans uses 3,781 liters of water just from being made. The fashion industry consumes 79 trillion liters of water a year, and that isn’t the only negative impact that it has on our environment.
If you are interested in building a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle for yourself, here is a list of ideas on how you can help to decrease the impact of fast fashion on the environment.
Whether you’re spending $1,000 on an item, or $30 how you care for the garment will determine how long It will last and whether it can have a future with another owner. The company may be affiliated with fast fashion, but so is the consumer regarding how they care for their items while owning them.
With GreenEarth Cleaning, you can better care for your clothes by using our environmentally non-toxic cleaning solution. Our gentle cleaning process can help to extend the life of your clothes, reduce any wear and tear associated with cleaning, and cut down on landfill waste. With this, you will be giving your items a better chance to be loved by someone else while helping the planet.
Buy from Your Local Charity Store or Second-Hand Shops
Another way that you can support sustainable fashion is to buy clothing pre-loved. Rather than shopping new, go searching for something unique at the thrift store for a bargain. You would be surprised at how many items you can get that are still in great condition. Shopping secondhand, you can give a used item a new lease on life.
Do a Clothing Exchange with Your Friends and Family
Another way to reduce clothing waste would be to trade clothes rather than purchase new items. If you’re not sure about giving them up altogether, there is always the option to borrow. Exchanging can come in handy if your clothes are no longer fitting the way they should as well, just swap with someone who wears the same size and there will be no need to buy a different size.
Repair Your Items
Usually, when a shirt or a pair of pants gets a hole, we immediately consider throwing them away or going to the store for a replacement. But a better way that we do not often think of is getting your items repaired, if you have the ability to do so yourself, even better. This will help to save you money and minimize waste, and if you need help, there are also plenty of online resources at your disposal to help with your repair process.
It is important to have the tools to build a more eco-friendly lifestyle through sustainable fashion. Do what you can to minimize the impact of fast fashion by educating yourself further, sharing your thoughts and strategies with others, or supporting different organizations that are tackling fast fashion.
All change begins with one individual, make a personal choice to benefit yourself and the planet.